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Below is a list of websites I have either built or of which know the builder. I have personal and professional websites and websites belonging to friends. Check them out to learn more.

Personal Websites

MM-Theory www.mm-theory.com

This is my philosophy website. In it, I express MM-Theory, a theory on the relation of mind and matter and what consciousness is. I draw a suite of implications from it that have profound metaphysical consequences for the nature of the universe and the fabric of reality.

Professional Websites

F.M. Shah Building Design Ltd. www.fmsdesign.com

This is the website I built for the company I work for: F.M. Shah Building Design Ltd. The company is an architectural development firm with residential projects in Fort McMurray and Canmore Alberta and Osoyoos B.C.
Cactus Ridge Retirement Residence www.cactusridgerr.com

Cactus Ridge Retirement Residence is a home for seniors in the Okanagan valley of British Columbia. It is one of the projects F.M. Shah Building Design has underway and I built the website for it.
River Ridge Centre www.riverridgecentre.com

River Ridge Centre is another one of F.M. Shah Building Design's projects, their biggest one, and is situated in Fort McMurray Alberta. It consists of a residential tower, a hotel, and a shopping mall. Once again, I designed and built the website.
Edinburgh Tower www.edinburghtower.com

Also in Fort McMurray, Edinburgh Tower is located in a serene neighborhood only minutes from the Clearwater River. F.M. Shah Building Design is overseeing its development and tasked me with constructing the website.

Websites of Friends

Lolofilm Productions www.lolofilm.com

Lolofilm Productions is a non-profit film company I am proud to know and be involved with when I can. It was founded by Lowell Dean, my best friend since childhood.
The Artwork of Michael Jay Knoblauch www.lolofilm.com/michaelknoblauch/paintings

Mike Knoblauch is a talented artist and poet, and a good friend of mine and Lowell Dean's. Check out his website and see for yourself.